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Eval12 Poster 135: Knowledge Flow: A Continuous Force in Effective Evaluation

The term Knowledge Flow represents the dynamic creation and exchange of organizational knowledge across groups, levels, and knowledge forms. This study investigated six exemplary organizations that systematically incorporated knowledge flow into their evaluative decisions. The study...

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Conference PDW #24: Evaluating Organizational Collaboration

“Collaboration” is a ubiquitous, yet misunderstood, under-empiricized and un-operationalized construct. Program and organizational stakeholders looking to do and be collaborative struggle to identify, practice and evaluate collaboration with efficacy. This workshop will demonstrate how the...

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Focus Search - Team meetings are focused on the structured examination of group practice and performance. Team meetings are generally related to group practice and performance. Team meetings do not focus on group practice and performance

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The Peer Review and Dialogue Evaluation research organizations in order to promote organizational learning.

Evaluation or assessment of scientific work in universities and other research organizations has traditionally been organised around the peer review system with its almost jury-like functionality and a history of more than 300 years. The classic tradition looked only at the output or the product...

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Eval12 Session 471: Developing Capacity Assessment Tools Relevant for All Stakeholders

This paper examines the design and implementation of the Nine Elements Assessment Tool (NEAT©), an evidence-based system for assessing nonprofit organizational capacity. The project team that designed NEAT© included three categories of stakeholders: 1) executive directors representing the...

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Eval12 Session 303: Monitoring and Evaluation Standards for Health Development Organizations - Jhpiego, JHU

These documents describe and present a tool to assess an organization's monitoring and evaluation standards. This was created for a decentralized health development organization (Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University) working in 45 countries and a diverse monitoring and evaluation...

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Focus Search - Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) 4