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Session 611; A Qualitative Evaluation Component of a Healthcare-based, Multi-year Quality Improvement Initiative

In May 2007, Nemours Health and Prevention Services (NHPS) began a quality improvement initiative (QII) among a sample of primary care pediatric clinic sites (n=11) and school wellness centers (n=4) in Delaware. The purpose of this two year initiative was to determine if quality improvement strategies, education, and tools could improve primary care provider care and outcomes related to childhood overweight


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Eval12 Session 688: Comprehensive Perspectives for State Partnerships (all presentations represented)

This posting contains the five interrelated presentations associated with the panel presentation for session 688. Panel Presentation Abstract: In their most recent cooperative agreement, the National Asthma Control Program (NACP) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has...

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Focus Search - Effects on alcohol related fatal crashes of a community based initiative to increase substance abuse treatment and reduce alcohol availability

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Eval12 Poster 38: Capacity Building: What works for you?

Abstract: In the current political and economic climate, funding for public health programs and program technical assistance and support services, such as assistance interpreting evaluation data, are diminishing. In order for grantees to continue to perform at a level at which they can...

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Eval12 Session 622: Infrastructure: More Than Platforms For Moving Vehicles

When infrastructure is discussed people tend to the think about the roads and highways they use to get their vehicle from point A to point B. Of course, public health evaluators and researchers have a different understanding of the word, but very few define it the same way. This is problematic...

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Evaluation Critique on the VHA's mental health care program

This is critique on the program evaluation for VHS's mental health care program. Discussion: This work was designed to assess whether VA program helps veteran restore themselves physically & mentally and improve their lives. This was seemingly suitable to the program since the goal of...

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Eval11 Session 232: Women Veteran Health Program Evaluation - Purpose and Methodology

Deeanna Burleson RN, BSN, MSN is the project manager for the development and implementation of the site assessment methodology. The program evaluation methodology was developed by a group of SMEs from the DoVA, DoD, HHS and consultants. The protocol assessment tool was created by identifying...

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