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Introduction to Evaluation and Public Policy

It will provide practical advice on how evaluators can become public policy players--how they can get their evaluations noticed and used in the public arena #HowTo #2012Conference #2013Conference #Publicpolicy #2011Conference #policy

How to Influence Policy 10-10-13.pptx

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Bringing Funders, Researchers/Evaluators, and Practitioners Together to Achieve Outcomes: The Interactive Systems Framework (ISF) for Dissemination and Implementation Slides from SI10

A CDC example of the use of the ISF to promote science-based approaches to teen pregnancy prevention using Getting To Outcomes® will be described. Additional examples of ways to use the ISF in planning, implementation, evaluation, and overall program design will also be described

aea-cdc 2010 draft 6-11-10.ppt

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Eval14: What are the characteristics of criteria? Investigating the requirements for defensible evaluation (AEA 2014 Session 10016)

This handout relates to my presentation at AEA 2014. It includes a set of draft ‘criteria for developing criteria’, with particular reference to public sector evaluations. The criteria derive from analysis of a survey completed as the first stage of a broader research project aimed at...


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Eval11 Poster 161: Performance Management as a tool for Political Prioritization in Local Government

So far, there has been little or no discussion as to how performance management influences political life in local governments. However, especially in local governments there are dilemmas. Given that a well-implemented performance management system creates clear performance indicators at a...

Performance Management in political prioritization.pdf