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Eval11 Session 958: Process Evaluation Methodologies for Estimating the Chances of Program Failure

In this paper/presentation we seek to increase the likelihood of successfully implementing programs by proposing simple, cost-effective process evaluation methodologies for estimating the chances of program failure. The process evaluation methodologies we propose, methodologies that include 'voice of the crowd' and 'future search,' have been adopted widely in decision making situations ranging from strategic planning to the mutual learning and acquisition of values. But despite their affinity to empowerment, collaborative and participatory evaluation, these methods have not been widely utilized either in formative or process assessments


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Eval11 Session 419: An Evaluation of the Dynamical Effects of an Out-of-School-Time Program

This paper/poster will present the results of an evaluation of the dynamical effects of an out-of-school-time program

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Focus Search - Tables Handout An Evaluation of the Dynamical Effects of an Out-of-School-Time Program “Digging Deeper” (Slide 6) Points 1 and 2: Program impacts were not constant over the life of the program but can be improved through process evaluation and program management

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Designing Careers in Evaluation and Preparing Evaluation Students and New Evaluators for the Profession

This panel explored the approaches used by U.S. universities to train graduate students in evaluation, and transition strategies to help students/new evaluators design their careers

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Eval12 Session 962: Three years of data to reach intermediate outcomes and nobody will read the reports!

Abstract Data utilization is a major thrust of program evaluation efforts...The program amassed a large collection of data because of the multi-year evaluation plan

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Focus Search - Intentionally process-focused activities, such as field trips, were designed to assist participant skill development and provide interaction with program partners and collaborators