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Program Evaluation Tipsheet 87: Using an Evaluation for a Needs Assessment

Using An Evaluation For A Need Assessment:Tipsheet #87, University Park, PA: Penn State Cooperative Extension. This document is part of a series of Tipsheets that contain practical evaluation illustrations based on current research and developed by Nancy Ellen Kiernan at Penn State Cooperative Extension. This document focuses on using an evaluation for a needs assessment

Tipsheet 87.pdf

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Eval11 Session 112: Methodological Issues in Needs Assessment for Quality Assurance in a National Context: The Case of Head Start Needs Assessment

The head start needs assessment national analysis project is a case of the second situation. This presentation begins with an overview of the context and then proceeds into methodological issues and concerns encountered by conducting needs assessment in a national context

Methodological_Issues_in_Needs_Assessment_AEA_2011_Hung & Altschuld.pptx

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Eval12 Session 462: How to start a needs assessment - If you don't get off on the right foot it is more likely to fail

This entails that the facilitator of a NA does reconnaissance, cultural auditing, etc before formally assessing discrepancies. Then it is critical to form a needs assessment committee (NAC) to guide the process and lay the groundwork for translating needs into action plans

NA skill building workshop AEA 2012.pdf

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Eval11 Session 47: Families on the Border: Using Evaluation and Program Data to Understand Family Problems and Value Family Strengths for a Recovery-Oriented Model of Care

Since GAIN family context data is limited, the evaluators undertook a client record review of rich narrative notes completed by clinical staff following intensive intake interviews with clients and family members. These data on family problems and strengths are matched with treatment outcomes to generate the nuanced understanding of families necessary to develop a recovery-oriented model of care

Francis J-Families on the Border 11-3-2011.pptx

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Needs Assessment Tools to Guide Decision-making: Multicriteria Analysis and Pair-wise Comparison

A foundation of successful interventions (projects, policies, etc.) is that we make decisions about "what" before decisions about "how". Yet all of us frequently make less-than-optimal decisions for lots of reasons - such as a lack of time, limited knowledge of options, or reliance on preferences over evidence

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Focus Search - A decision-making tool ...

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Mental Model Diagramming for Needs Assessments: Lessons learned from user experience professionals (Handout)

This document contains some of the content that will be displayed with a poster of the same title at the AEA 2009 conference. It includes several of the poster elements including the: abstract, information about the case study organization used to demonstrate the use of the mental model diagram (DASH of DC), the key to the diagram, photos and photo description, a "process" diagram with key terms identified, challenges for evaluators section, references, and the authors' contact information. The entire poster, including the main component of the poster, the mental model diagram, will be posted as a PDF following the conference poster session

Poster Handout on Mental Model for Needs Assessment.pdf

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Program Evaluation Tipsheet 9: Do Participants Have Disabilities

Citation: Kiernan, Nancy Ellen & Matason, Ronald A. (2001)...This document is part of a series of Tipsheets that contain practical evaluation illustrations based on current research and developed by Nancy Ellen Kiernan at Penn State Cooperative Extension

Tipsheet 9.pdf