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Subtle Messages and Practices in Higher Education: Are We Increasing the Gap? An Investigation of Developmental Math Courses

Description of pilot study to inform design of developmental math courses, and two unexpected findings that might affect student retention and pass rates in developmental math courses. #DevelopmentalMathematics #2015Conference


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You Get What You Assess: Evaluating achievement in Mathematics Using a Constructed/Open-ended Response Test Formatted Model

This paper examines the utility of constructed/extended response questions as a means to promote conceptual understanding of mathematics and facilitation of positive student outcomes. Currently, investigations of item formatting related to facilitating student understanding and achievement in...

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AEA 2013, Session 952, Evaluating Teacher Instructional Practices That Help Students Succeed

Presentation at AEA 2013, "Can Doing Something Easy Help Students Learn Something Hard?" and report and article by Rachel Hickson and Shahpar Modarresi on study of teacher instructional practices that help students succeed. #Mathematics #instructional-practices #Prek...

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