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Eval12 Session 348: A Framework for Evaluating Knowledge Transfer and Exchange in Public Health

However, efforts to bring evidence to practice (usually referred to as knowledge transfer and exchange or KTE) are hampered by disparate views on evidence, fledgling knowledge on how to package evidence for consumption and use, the complexity of the knowledge to action enterprise, and lack of evaluation support

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Eval11 Session 833: Translating New Knowledge from Technology Based Research Projects: Randomized Controlled Study of an Intervention

Presented at AEA 2011-Session 833- International Views on Assessing Knowledge and Technology Transfer

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Focus Search - Stone Co-Principal Investigator Center on Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer 100 Sylvan Parkway, Suite 400 Amherst, NY 14228 Tel. 716-204-8606 Ext. 210 Key References: 1

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Eval11 Session 218: Knowledge Flow: Valuing this element of the evaluation process

Specific knowledge components include Polanyi's (1966) early work regarding tacit and explicit knowledge; Nonaka's (1994) theory of knowledge creation; several models of productive KMS combinations at the individual, group, and organizational levels; and the often-intangible role of the functions and junctions of knowledge transfer, diffusion, and complex adaptivity as facilitators of organizational learning

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Eval11 Session 867: Knowledge Creation in Healthcare Organizations as a Result of Individual's Participation in the Executive Training in the Use of Evidence Informed Decision Making

Evaluations of attemps to improve the use of evidence informed decision making in healthcare organizations have focused on impact on individual skills and knowledge and failed to grasp how learning processes occur in the organizations. We conducted a research project on the organizational impact...

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Focus Search - Transfer process Utility of process Contextual conditions Externalization Voice engagement with EIDM (transfer of attitudes) Show skills in the use of EIDM Fellow’s leadership Scope and relevance of intervention project; Organizational communication culture 2

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Eval11 Session 306: Evaluation Use and Knowledge Translation: An Exchange for the Future

Expert Lecture Sponsored by the Presidential Strand Chair - Gail Barrington, Barrington Research Group Inc Presenter - Melanie Barwick, The Hospital for Sick Children Discussant - Daniel Stufflebeam, Western Michigan University #2011Conference #KnowledgeTranslation

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