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Evaluation Planning Framework: Graphic

Rather, investigators may simply start collecting data without a plan...Hurriedly, they often look for ways to patch together an evaluation plan

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Using the Systems Evaluation Protocol for Evaluation Planning (AEA09 # 395)

This section specifically provides an overview of the Systems Evaluation Protocol (SEP) and highlights how the systems evaluation approach embodied in the SEP helps partner organizations build evaluation capacity and produce high-quality evaluation plans. #ResearchonEvaluation #capacity #building #2009Conference #Planning #research #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding #evaluation #SystemsinEvaluation #on

Systems Approach to ECB - Panel Part 1 - Using the SEP for Planning.pdf

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Eval16_Using Evaluation Tools, Methods, and Thinking in Planning NIH Common Fund Programs

Therefore, careful consideration of the existing research environment during program planning is needed. We present how a combination of methods grounded in evaluation practice inform strategic planning for biomedical research programs managed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Common Fund

Using Eval Tools Methods Thinking in Planning_AEA 10-29-2016.pdf

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Eval11 Session 985: Performance Evaluation on National Policies and Strategies for Child Development

The evaluation results showed that: context-provincial officers ran the operation as general work, not mission emerged from the strategies; input-the plan was standardized target groups, and its budget was adequately allocated; process-the plans were appropriate and effective, and monitoring and quality assessment were run; effectiveness-the percentage of target group children did not go down as planned; impact-the plan officers concentrated on target group children’s behavior, not skill or proficiency improvement; sustainability-the society needed planned operations and offered help and support for cooperation; transportability-the central national strategies and plans could not operated effectively, so each province was supposed to run its own plans and strategies with supports from the center

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Focus Search - As a result, Thailand’s policies, strategies and plan of action on child development focus on 11 key priorities

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Eval10 Session 655: A Theory Driven Multi-year Strategic Evaluation Plan for a Multi-program Government Agency

This presentation describes the development and the tools used to create a multi-year strategic evaluation plan for a multi-program Federal Agency. Using the theory based Impact Evaluation Framework for Technology Deployment developed by Reed, Jordan and Vine (2007), a comprehensive and integrated multi-year plan tuned to agency priorities was developed. The plan simplifies the complex


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Eval11 Session 356: Influencing Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice: A Progress Report from the American Evaluation Association's (AEA) Evaluaiton Policy Task Force

Grob will facilitate a discussion involving EPTF members and the audience about the recent activities and future plans of the EPTF. This will include a discussion of successes over the last year related to evaluation policy for international assistance.This session will provide an update on activities of AEA's Evaluation Policy Task Force and invite member input on their plans and actions

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