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The Logic Model and Systems Thinking – Can they co-exist? 

11-17-2009 17:58

The Logic Model with its familiar Inputs – Outputs- Outcomes linearity has found great use within Cooperative Extension program planning and evaluation. As we recognize the chaotic nature of today’s world and the emergence of Chaos Theory it begs the question of how we best utilize the linear Logic Model vis-à-vis a world that seems to change with each sunrise. How do ideas such as those suggested by Peter Senge, Otto Schrarmer, Dee Hock and others impact the way Extension should engage stakeholders, plan and deliver programs? How do program evaluation ideas such as Michael Patton’s and Glenda Eoyang’s blend with concepts promulgated by the Logic Model? And if so how? We will consider these questions and others as we explore the place of the Logic Model, Systems Thinking and other concepts in keeping Extension program planning and evaluation relevant.

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