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Eval10 Session 738: Using Rubrics Methodology in Impact Evaluations of Complex Social Programs: The Case of the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation’s Early Childhood Development Program

Multipaper Session 738: Impact Evaluation and Beyond: Methodological and Cultural Considerations in Measuring What Works ABSTRACT: Rubrics are important tools to describe evaluatively how well an evaluand is doing in terms of performance or quality related to specific dimensions, components...

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Eval11 Session 822: What's new in RealWorld Evaluation?

Presentation at AEA 2011 session #822 highlighting what's new in the 2nd edition of the RealWorld Evaluation book #2011Conference #InternationalandCross-CulturalEval #TheoriesofEvaluation #RealWorldEvaluationbook

822 What's new in RealWorld Evaluation 2nd edition.pptx

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Eval11 Workshop 11: What's New in RealWorld Evaluation?

PowerPoint presentation plus condensed overview of the new RealWorld Evaluation book (to be published by Sage in December). In graduate school, you might have learned how to do research using randomized control trials. Then you were asked to design an evaluation of a “real” program. But, what if...

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Focus Search - —Thomaz Chianca, independent ev...

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Evaluation 2009 Conference Program

PDF of the Evaluation 2009 Program, sans covers due to size, as it went to print. #2009Conference #Communications #program #Evaluation2009 #Communications #Conference