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Eval11 Session 387: Video in Evaluation - Methodological Considerations and Technical Tips

This session will explore opportunities to incorporate video into evaluation, both as a means to complement written findings and as a cognitive elicitation technique. Drawing on the presenter's experiences in an evaluation of a teacher coaching initiative, the session will include a brief...

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Eval11 Session 958: Process Evaluation Methodologies for Estimating the Chances of Program Failure

In this paper/presentation we seek to increase the likelihood of successfully implementing programs by proposing simple, cost-effective process evaluation methodologies for estimating the chances of program failure. The process evaluation methodologies we propose, methodologies that include 'voice of the crowd' and 'future search,' have been adopted widely in decision making situations ranging from strategic planning to the mutual learning and acquisition of values


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Leading Concepts in Community Health Evaluation Slides and Handout from SI10

Session Description: In this session, participants will learn different evaluation methodologies for communityassessments and be able to apply multiple approaches to the evaluation of community-based health promotion programs

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Eval12 Session 740: Lessons Learned in the Evaluation of a National Capacity Building Project

Since each of the 30 CBA providers is responsible for evaluating their own work, complex and varied evaluation methodologies have been employed to evaluate this national capacity building initiative

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Valuing What Matters: Using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology in international development programs

Varying in scope and scale, each panelist presented their experience utilizing the SROI methodology in an international development context, including why they chose SROI as the evaluation methodology, how they implemented the study, successes experienced, challenges encountered, lessons learned, and the key findings

SROI panel AEA Pact 29 Oct 2016 external.pdf