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Flipchart Pages from Exploring Effective Strategies for Facilitating Evaluation Capacity Building

This document includes notes from the flipchart pages developed by attendees during this session and provides a rich list of criteria for successful use of six different strategies for building evaluation capacity. #capacity #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding #HowTo ...

Flipchart Notes from Round Robin Activity 111209.doc

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Eval10 Session 521: Evaluation Capacity Building Models, Measures and Outcomes Session Slides

The files are the final presentation slides from AEA 2010 Session 521. They include slides for all three presentations: (1) Labin, Duffy, Duncan, and Wandersman (keywords: research synthesis, data synthesis, ECB); (2) Taylor-Ritzler, Suarez-Balcazar, and Garcia-Iriarte (keywords: ECB, models,...

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Eval12 Session 276: Promoting Evaluative Thinking, the Missing Ingredient in Evaluation Capacity Building

This presentation by Jane Buckley and Thomas Archibald was part of a multipaper session entitled, "Overcoming Organization Culture to Adopt Evaluation Capacity Building," held on Thursday 10/25 at AEA 2012

Buckley & Archibald_Teaching and Promoting ET_AEA 2012.pdf

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Assessing contextual success factors for building evaluation capacity in the child and youth mental health sector: The Ontario experience

The readiness assessment tool for evaluation capacity building is described, including its purposes and applications. The tool is used to obtain information on an organization's and a programs readiness for evaluation capacity building. The development of the tool was informed by Preskill and Boyle’s (2008) multidisciplinary model of evaluation capacity building by exploring leadership, organizational culture, structures and communication

Danseco etal2009 AEA Final.ppt

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Evaluator as Coach

Practical tips from Public Profit for evaluation capacity building #Eval16 #2016Conference

1_Evaluator as Coach Handout.pdf