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Eval12 Session 276: Promoting Evaluative Thinking, the Missing Ingredient in Evaluation Capacity Building 

11-12-2012 11:43

This presentation by Jane Buckley and Thomas Archibald was part of a multipaper session entitled, "Overcoming Organization Culture to Adopt Evaluation Capacity Building," held on Thursday 10/25 at AEA 2012. When you do an evaluation for someone, she has an evaluation report. When you teach someone evaluation, she can evaluate her own program. But when you promote evaluative thinking, she sees her work and the world in a whole new light. This reworking of the common saying about fish and fishing is intended to suggest the transformative nature of evaluative thinking (ET), an essential element of evaluation capacity building that is too often absent. This paper reviews existing efforts to define, operationalize, and measure ET, and in doing so, explores ET’s significance. Then we present some pedagogical theories and practices (e.g., role plays, simulations, hands-on work) which we have found successful in promoting ET in our context, a multi-year ECB initiative with non-formal science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educators. We hope this paper will help people interested in ECB gain new perspectives on how to intentionally foster evaluative thinking.

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