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Knowledge Management as a Guerilla Campaign: Leading the Horse to Water

Roundtable Presentation 701 held in the Boardroom on Saturday, Nov 14, 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM Abstract: Many evaluation practitioners have experienced or observed the frustration of attempting to evaluate the effectiveness of a knowledge management (KM) project or initiative

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Eval11 Session 910: Stories and Statistics with SenseMaker®: New Kid on the Evaluation Block

SenseMaker® helps organizations: focus on shifting impact patterns as perceived by different perspectives generate databases, people's life libraries, that allow SenseMaker® if facilitated and linked to decision makers - creating evidence-based policy generate rolling baselines to continually update evidence base enable cross-silo thinking (including cross-organisational) and overcome narrow understanding of attribution of efforts seek surprise explicitly rather than viewing people's lives through our own concepts more grounded and diverse feedback to donors, thus more local autonomy generating actionable insights, based on very concrete needs, via peer to peer knowledge management

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Eval12 Poster 135: Knowledge Flow: A Continuous Force in Effective Evaluation

The term Knowledge Flow represents the dynamic creation and exchange of organizational knowledge across groups, levels, and knowledge forms. This study investigated six exemplary organizations that systematically incorporated knowledge flow into their evaluative decisions. The study...

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Eval12 Session 941: Identifying Genuine Two-Way Knowledge Sharing in Online Communities

Abstract: How do we measure knowledge sharing in an online collaborative website? This presentation explores how indicators of knowledge sharing in online communities can be identified, measured, and analyzed. Our goal is to improve understanding of the affordances of electronic communities as...


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The Pillars of Public Program Evaluation

This is the lead article in "Evaluation South Asia," the first professional evaluaiton journal for all countries in South Asia, published in 2008. The article lays out a general struction for developing evaluation as a viable professional field and funciton for the betterment of national...

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Exploring Effective Strategies for Facilitating Evauation Capacity Building

These handouts describe our evaluation capacity building model, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to ECB, as well as detailed descriptions of several capacity building approaches. #TeachingofEvaluation #2009Conference #evaluation #HowTo #capacity #Evaluation2009 ...

AEA 09 ECB Handouts - Final.doc