Fall 2016 Newsletter


We will once again be hosting a NPFTIG-sponsored week on AEA365, planned for the week of October 9th. We are looking for contributors! If you have wanted to participate in the TIG, or in AEA more generally, this is a great way to get your foot in the door! We are aligning the theme of our week to that of the conference: Evaluation + Design. This is also an opportunity for those of who you may be presenting at the annual conference to get a “teaser” about your session out to the membership, but you certainly do not have to be presenting at the conference in order to participate in our sponsored week.

Specifically, here are our current plans for the structure of the week. We wanted to make sure both the “NP” and the “F” in our TIG name were included! These are general guidelines--use them as inspiration to write a piece as we want to hear about your work. For more information about each of the three areas to be highlighted as part of the conference theme--Evaluation Design, Information Design, and Program Design--as well as examples of each, please see the conference theme page.

●       Day 1 - Evaluation Design, Nonprofit Perspective

●       Day 2 - Evaluation Design, Foundation Perspective

●       Day 3 - Information Design, Nonprofit Perspective

●       Day 4 - Information Design, Foundation Perspective

●       Day 5 - Program Design, Nonprofit Perspective

●       Day 6 - Program Design, Foundation Perspective

If you are interested in writing for the week, here is the current timeline:

●       By 8/5: Let Laura (lbeals@gmail.com) and Karen (kltjackson@outlook.com) know that you are interested in writing a piece. Please include a brief description of your topic.

●       By 8/8: Laura and Karen will alert authors as to whether they are invited to submit a post.

●       8/22: First drafts from authors due.

●       9/6: Laura and Karen will send comments to authors for final revision; they must be returned by 9/12.

Guidelines for contributions to AEA365 can be found here.


We have an opening in the TIG leadership for a webmaster, which means being trained by AEA on how to update the TIG website. This is a low-commitment position and does not preclude you from holding another NPFTIG leadership position simultaneously in the future. If you are interested in this position, please let Laura Beals (lbeals@gmail.com) know by August 1. Many thanks to Dean Nelson, PhD, who has served as our webmaster for many years! We appreciate his service to the TIG and AEA.


Registration will soon be open for Evaluation 2016, which will occur October 24-29, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. The theme of this year’s conference is Evaluation + Design. The NPFTIG will be sponsoring many sessions as well as hosting a business meeting and social event. More information about the NPFTIG at Evaluation 2016 will be forthcoming in the next newsletter.


We wanted to alert NPFTIG members to a conference opportunity, Impact Convergence, co-sponsored by AEA and happening simultaneously with the beginning of the AEA annual conference in Atlanta from October 24 to 26. Here is a description of the conference from AEA: “A growing number of international players have been working to develop markets for privately funded ventures with a complex mix of purposes—generating financial returns, improving the lives of people, and healing the environment. These nascent markets depend fundamentally on the availability of reliable impact information. While the information currently available is of higher quality than it was five years ago, it is not sufficient to make these markets sustainable. Over the next five years, evaluation methods, data sources, professional training, and the larger enabling environment will need to develop. IMPCON will address these challenges.”

More information can be found on the conference website.


We would like to welcome the following new NPFTIG members who have joined us since January of this year!

Aakanksha Sinha

Alan Bruce Mackie

Amanda Morgan

Anna Swanby

Annie L Freitas

Carlye Gates

Cathy M. Miller

Chelsie Virginia Dryer

Dara Murray

Diane Trunk

Dingyu Cao

Eileen Burk

Gretchen Patch

Hannah Davis

Jacob Lester

Jenny E Fry

Kellie Kinzel

Kevin C. Feisel

Kristen Ratanatharathorn

Laura Dean-Shapiro

Lauren A Silverstein

Liana C Mentor

Lindsay Frost

Lindsey Havertape

Liz Agi

Melissa Alvarez Mangual

Mick Hogan, PMP

Patricia Ann Christian

Peter Joseph Drummond Ceglarek

Phyllis Richards

Richard Hutchinson

Sonia Burton

Susan Ghanbarpour

Susana Micaela Morales Konishi

Teresa Wilke

Tessa Skidmore

Vanessa Meier

Yolanda Downey Eisenstein


We welcome questions and comments. Our contact information is below:


Laura Beals

Jewish Family and Children's Service

Boston, MA USA

Tel: 781-693-5612

Email: lbeals@gmail.com


Karen Jackson

Katalyst Innovative Consulting Services

Durham, NC 27712

Tel: 601-347-6093

Email: kltjackson@outlook.com

Program Co-Chair

Molly Hamm

The DREAM Project

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Tel: 1-809-902-3770

Email: mollymhamm@gmail.com

Program Co-Chair

Katelyn Mack


San Francisco, CA USA

Tel: 415-689-3874

Email: katelyn.mack@fsg.org