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What Can We Learn From a Collection of Over 500 Evaluation Reports? - Poster AEA 2015

The Building Informal Science Education (BISE) project coded 520 evaluation reports posted to The poster familiarizing people with the project and our freely available resources. The resources include: 1) a coding framework for informal education evaluation reports, 2) an...

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Eval14: Embracing the Complexity of Environmental Education Evaluation

The presentation describes the inherent complexity of contemporary environmental education (EE) programs, especially those with multiple audiences, often with seemingly divergent approaches to the work. We emphasize four key aspects of environmental educators’ experience that we have found...

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The USAID Agency-wide Climate Change Evaluation Agenda: Unpacking Overarching Concepts

The goal of USAID's Global Climate Change evaluation agenda is to seek answers to overarching evaluation questions to provide a reliable evidence base for future climate change-related development investments. An Agency-wide agenda needs to be broad enough to cover a diverse suite of programs...

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Evaluating Resilience: Partnering to Measure Complexity

Given the increased attention to resilience-strengthening in international humanitarian and development work, there has been concurrent interest in its measurement and the overall accountability of “resilience strengthening” initiatives. The literature is reaching beyond the polemic of defining...

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Eval 2013, Poster #78: Plans, Approaches, Needs, Context, & Reality: Meta-Evaluation of a Portfolio of External Climate Education Projects Funded by NASA

NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE) at Langley Research Center has funded 71 climate education initiatives over four years, each evaluated separately by external evaluators. This meta-evaluation project seeks to understand the range of evaluations represented in the portfolio, including...


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What do different methods say about grant performance?

Session Title: Proper Use of Evaluation to Impact Funders and Society Abstract; The Office of Auditor the General Norway published a performance audit on the effects of public grants aimed at ensuring biodiversity and enhancing outdoor recreational activity in June 2013. The audit examines...

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Eval12 Session 583: Developing Indicators for Environmental and Policy Change Initiatives

Session 583: Developing Indicators for Environmental and Policy Change InitiativesPresentation #1: Method and Process of Identifying Indicators of Obesity for the Community Transformation Grants Context Scan byReid Hogan-Yarbro, Catherine Lesesne, and Robin SolerPresentation #2: Developing...

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Eval12 Session 162: Innovative Metrics for Measuring Residential Environmental Education Outcomes

This presentation discusses recent work to develop new evaluation tools to measure students' learning experiences as they participate in residential environmental education programs. #2012Conference #EnvironmentalProgramEvaluation


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Eval12 Session 663: Framework for Evaluating Individual Learning Outcomes of Citizen Science

Developed by the DEVISE (Developing, Validating, and Implementing Situated Evaluations) team as part of a 3-yearNSF grant to build evaluation capacity in citizen science programs. Presentation Abstract: Projects that engage the public in scientific research, (often referred to as “citizen...