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Evaluating Resilience: Partnering to Measure Complexity 

11-03-2014 06:08

Given the increased attention to resilience-strengthening in international humanitarian and development work, there has been concurrent interest in its measurement and the overall accountability of “resilience strengthening” initiatives. The literature is reaching beyond the polemic of defining resilience to its measurement. Similarly, donors are increasingly expecting organizations to go beyond claiming resilience programing to measuring and showing it. This session highlights key lessons from the Zurich Resilience Alliance to measure and assess the impact of community flood-resilience programming to inform decision-making for more effective floodresilience interventions. Attention will be given to the use of a consistent measurement methodology for community resilience to floods over time and place; challenges to measuring a complex and dynamic phenomenon such as community resilience; methodological implications of measuring community resilience versus impact on and contribution to this goal; and using measurement and tools such as cost-benefit analysis to prioritize and inform strategic decision making for resilience interventions.

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