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AEA Coffee Break Webinars (CBD)

We're pleased to offer a series of short coffee-break-length demonstrations of 20-minutes each that introduce tools of use to evaluators.

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Upcoming Coffee Break Demonstrations

CFB 218 :  Incorporating complexity into outcome chains and logic models - John Burrett

Thursday July 9th, 2015 2-2:20 PM 

This presentation introduces a potentially powerful tool for logic modeling, and particularly for modeling outcome chains and external effects. Network mapping methodology can be used to map out complex systems of (know/hypothesized) causes and effects in the policy environment in which a program that we are to evaluate is situated.

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CFB 219 :  From Pencil to Pixels: Keys to successful data dashboard design-build - Veronica Smith

Thursday July 23th, 2015 2-2:20 PM 

Data dashboards are becoming commonplace in the practice of monitoring and evaluation. Designed and built well, a dashboard can be a powerful data visualization and communication tool for tracking progress against goals. Unfortunately, there are many dashboards being used that get in the way of making evidence-based decisions. While there are all sorts of software tools available to create any kind of data display imaginable, designing and building a data dashboard that effectively supports shared measurement of progress against objectives at a glance remains a challenge. Veronica Smith, data scientist and dashboarding expert, will review 3 critical steps to dashboarding design-build success: 1) Select the right type of data display for each measure; 2) Step away from the computer: Sketch your dashboard design; and 3) Use a measures gallery to build stakeholder buy-in and increase dashboard use. This webinar draws from Ms. Smith’s AEA full-day workshop on the same topic and her chapter on the data dashboard as an evaluation and communication tool in New Directions for Evaluation (Winter 2014)

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CFB 220 :  Enhancing TAACCCT Grant Outcome Reporting: A Performance Management System - Christa Smith

Thursday July 30th, 2015 2-2:20 PM 

This presentation describes the systems processes that the TRAC-7 Consortium developed to create a common understanding of the data needed to accurately capture TAACCCT grantee performance outcomes and the innovative performance management system that was developed from these processes to better evaluate consortium institution progress. The presenter will explain how the system was conceptualized and how resources at the lead institution were leveraged to create the performance management system. Further, the presenter will discuss features the audience may find advantageous over commercially available or third-party developed software, and provide lessons learned and best practices developed to enhance the performance management system for the next round of TAACCCT funding.

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