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We support evaluators to use GIS tools.

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Toolkit: GIS for Evaluation Library

This toolkit is a collaborative effort of the GIS for Eval Working Group to provide brief overviews of widely-used GIS tools for evaluation professionals. Each overview provides information on pricing, key features, and free training and resources for the featured tool. We have tried to include a wide range of tools, from those that anyone with experience working with data could use (Excel, Google Maps) to those suited to complex spatial analyses (ArcGIS Pro, QGIS).


We want this library to grow. If you have questions, a new tool to suggest, or want to join the GIS for Eval Working Group, please contact Katie Butler:


  • Katie Butler, MA, MS
  • Tracy Bain, MS
  • Kara Haberstock Tanoue, MA
  • Marcel Foster, MPH
  • Amanda Aragón, PhD


AEA365 Articles

Space and Place in Evaluation: How GIS Illuminates Stories

This AEA365 blog post by Katie Butler was part of ITE TIG Week in 2022. The post invites you to consider how the lens of geography can help you regardless of the subject of your evaluation. Katie presents GIS through three geographic concepts: scale, proximity, and clustering.


Identifying Needs and Assets Using GIS by Madhawa Palihapitiya

This article shares information on how to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in assessing needs and assets.