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AEA 2015 Session 2980: What is Good Work? Youth-Program Evaluator Perspectives on High Quality Practice

We're happy to share our presentation from the Youth-Focused Presidential Strand Session: Youth-Focused Evaluation: What is Good Work?Authors: Silvana Bialosiewicz, MA & Tiffany Berry, PhD, Claremont Evaluation Center at Claremont Graduate UniversitySession Abstract: It is well established that...

AEA 2015 What is Good Work, Youth Program Evaluator Perspectives on High Quality Practice. Bialosiew.pdf

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What Can We Learn From a Collection of Over 500 Evaluation Reports? - Poster AEA 2015

The Building Informal Science Education (BISE) project coded 520 evaluation reports posted to The poster familiarizing people with the project and our freely available resources. The resources include: 1) a coding framework for informal education evaluation reports, 2) an...

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Eval14_Consenting (Not) to Participate

Evaluation 2014 Conference presentation (Youth-Led Evaluation TIG) on ethical issues in evaluation with young people. #Ethics #Youth #children #YouthFocusedEvaluation #2014Conference #HowTo #Instruments #informedconsent


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AEA 2014: 1024--Puzzles, problems and messes

Session: Puzzles, problems and messes: insights and reflections on generating evidence based principles from developmental and adaptive evaluation practice in innovative and complex settingsPresentation: Listening to stories of struggle and hope: Generating evidenced-based guiding principles for...

Murphy--AEA 2014--Puzzles and Principles.pdf

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A Tale of Two Cities: Afterschool Evaluation in Oakland and San Francisco

From the 2014 AEA Annual Conference: A high-level look at aggregate, multi-year data patterns in San Francisco Bay Area afterschool evaluation. By Public Profit. #2014Conference #MixedMethodsEvaluation #Cluster,Multi-SiteandMulti-LevelEval #YouthFocusedEvaluation


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Evaluating a Program Designed to Improve Attitudes between Police and Youth

This poster presents the results of an evaluation of a program which aimed to foster positive relationships between police officers and youth in Connecticut. Eleven programs were funded in Year One, with an equal number in Year Two. Funded communities designed programs that included local police...

Evaluating A Police and Youth Progam.pdf

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Creating Sustainable Evaluation Systems to Enhance Knowledge and Practice: Lessons Learned from Three Youth Development Evaluations

Presentation at AEA Conference 2014; The purpose of this panel is to offer strategies for enhancing the quality and sustainability of youth-focused evaluations that mutually advance both science and practice. #YouthFocusedEvaluation #2014Conference

AEA 2014 Creating Sustainable Evaluation Systems to Enhance Knowledge & Practice.pdf

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Eval14 Poster: Healthy Can Be Tasty: A Participatory Evaluation with Student Advocates Demanding Change in the School Cafeteria

Evaluation 2014 PosterStudents advocating for their rights often face a wall of barriers including terrible stereotypes (London, Zimmerman, & Erbstein, 2003; Fetterman, 2003) as well as lack of resources needed to make desired changes especially in underserved communities. Involving students in...

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