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Three Keys to Fusing STEAM Education: Digital Multimedia, Design Tools, and Computer-based Adaptive Multimedia

Paper from the presentation about "Three Keys to Fusing STEAM Education: Digital Multimedia, Design Tools, and Computer-based Adaptive Multimedia" by Daniel Tillman, Song An, Meilan Zhang, and Rachel Boren. #designtools #digitalmultimedia #computerbasedadaptiveevaluation ...

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Evaluation’s Role in Advancing Educational Transformation in a Global Society-10-15-14 Think Tank

This session explores themes related to the role evaluation can play, as education transformation initiatives enabled by technology scale up globally, in ensuring sustainability and equity through Visionary Evaluation. After brief presentation on education transformation initiatives and use of...

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Eval13: Session 88 - Keeping the Flow of Evaluative Learning Within Organizations

Few organizations will deny that evaluation findings can help them improve outcomes, compete for funding, or plan strategically. Although there is a growing appreciation for evaluation within organizations, fluid relationships between evaluation and program planning are still challenging. In...

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Using tablet computers for data collection

In this presentation we describe why we chose to use tablet computers to collect evaluation data, how we used them, what we learned from our experience, and what you should consider if you are thinking of using electronic devices for your own projects. This was presented during the AEA 2013...

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Eval13 Session 62: Choosing the Right Database Software

What’s the best database software? It depends. What’s your budget? How much customization is required? Does it need to be web-based? What level of security is required? To make it more difficult, the technology is expanding and changing rapidly. In the last ten years, we’ve gone from an...

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Using Innovative Technologies to Evaluate the "Life on Earth" Museum Exhibit

Powerpoint presentation from Eval2013 Session 595: 21st Century Technologies in Evaluation #museumevaluation #IntegratingTechnologyintoEvaluation #2013Conference #STEMEducationandTraining #QuantitativeMethods-TheoryandDesign #SocialNetworkAnalysis

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Digital Pile Sorts: An Engaging Way to Assess Domain Understanding

This is the PowerPoint for a workshop at AEA 2013. Note that there are two Flash files that need to be in the same folder as the PP if you wish to see the demonstrations. There is also a very selective bibliography with some annotations. #evaluationmethods #2013Institute ...

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Challenges in Capacity Building and How Technology Can Help

Successful capacity building faces three practical challenges: 1) collecting data timely and cheaply, 2) analyzing data and reporting results easily and efficiently, and 3) sustaining capacity after external experts leave. This demonstration will show how technology can be employed to address...

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