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Mind the Gap: Bridging evaluation literacy, design, and use to strengthen community programs

This is a session at Eval 2016 - Atlanta by Courtney Barnard and Becki Hale. Go to to see session handouts. In this Train the Trainer session, participants will learn methods to teach this process to non-evaluators modeled from our own experience...

Mind the Gap Session Handout.pdf

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Conceptualizing and Evaluating Collective Impact - Think Tank ideas

Presentation slides and "harvested" ideas for evaluating collective impact from AEA 2015 Think Thank session. #CommunityPsychology #2015Conference

CI Think Tank_11.14.2015_WITHNOTES.pptx

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Evaluation for Social Justice

Presentation slides from 2015 AEA Think Tank session. #CommunityPsychology #2015Conference

SJ Evaluation_11.13.2015.pptx

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CBD149: Understanding Evidence: CDC’s Tool to Support Evidence-Based Decision Making – Natalie Wilkins

Understanding Evidence is a new, interactive web resource developed by CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention that supports practitioners in making evidence-informed decisions. The goal of evidence-based decision making is to bring a high standard of research evidence into the decision-making...

AEA CoffeeBreak 6-2013_Understanding Evidence2.pdf

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CBD122: Storytelling for Evaluation of Development Initiatives - John Hecklinger

GlobalGiving Foundation, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, has been experimenting with ways to capture short community narratives as a way to diagnose success and failure within GlobalGiving's network of 2,000 partner NGOs in 120 countries. GlobalGiving's Storytelling Project...

GG Coffee Break.pptx

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Eval12 Session 775: Measuring Collaboration - How Do You Know When Professionals “Collaborate” Well?

Presentation from the AEA 2012 Think Tank entitled, "Measuring Collaboration: How Do You Know When Professionals 'Collaborate' Well?" (session #775). Includes general questions to consider when planning to evaluate collaborations and three example approaches to evaluating collaboration from the...

Think Tank - Measuring Collaboration Oct 22 2012 for FINAL review.pptx

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Eval12 Poster 31: Using Social Network Analysis to Evaluate a Community Coalition

Social Networking Analysis was used to measure the size and density of Revere CARES, a coalition that enables community members and organizations to collaborate with one another to address youth substance use and to promote healthy living in the community. #Alcohol,DrugAbuse,andMentalHealth ...

E Clarke AEA 2012 SNA Poster_square_42_2.pdf

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CBD086: Community Feedback through Storytelling: Collection Methods - Britt Lake

Handouts for this Coffee Break Webinar are attached and publicly downloadable. Click here to access a recording of this coffee break webinar. Webinar recordings are available to AEA members only and you will be asked to sign in. Britt Lake from GlobalGiving will discuss how the...