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Eval12 Session 775: Measuring Collaboration - How Do You Know When Professionals “Collaborate” Well? 

10-29-2012 10:25

Presentation from the AEA 2012 Think Tank entitled, "Measuring Collaboration: How Do You Know When Professionals 'Collaborate' Well?" (session #775). Includes general questions to consider when planning to evaluate collaborations and three example approaches to evaluating collaboration from the Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation, Kansas State University. Presentation Abstract: To enhance the impacts of their programs and to influence more far-ranging audiences, more programs today desire professionals to collaborate with one another. In these projects, professionals can number from the few to the many and can come from a variety of fields and sub-fields within science, education, industry, and government. These collaborators bring not only unique contributions to the project but often varied expectations and approaches to collaborative work. These factors present a number of challenges to the conceptualization and measurement of collaboration in evaluation projects. In this Think Tank session, we will share the various strategies and measures our office has developed to evaluate collaboration in multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional projects of differing scopes, sizes, and budgets, to prompt a discussion with attendees about how to most effectively evaluate “collaboration.”

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