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Eval 2015, Ann Martin, Session GE3: Innovation in Evaluation Methods for Gov't Eval, Presentation 2/3: Practical Tips for When and How to Use Social Network Analysis

Presentation and list of resources from a session on the use of social network analysis in government evaluations, with practical tips for how to get started and examples of the kinds of evaluation questions that can be approached through this lens. #STEMEducationandTraining ...

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Network Analysis from Start to Finish: Techniques, Tools, and Tips for Evaluating Your Network

This how-to demonstration will walk through the steps of conducting a network analysis from start to finish, highlighting useful tools and lessons learned along the way. Participants will learn how to delineate their networks (decide who should be included), tips for collecting network data...


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The LAAMPP Instititute: Using Social Network Analysis to Evaluate Leadership Development

The LAAMPP Institute (Leadership and Advocacy to Advance Minnesota’s Parity for Priority Populations) is a culturally-tailored leadership program, designed to train and mobilize leaders from Minnesota’s priority populations to implement tobacco control interventions and policies. LAAMPP is...

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Eval 14: Applying Multi-Attribute Utility Theory and Social Network Analysis to a Government-Funded Outreach Program

Slides from a multi-paper presentation at EVAL 2014. Gregory D Greenman II presentation on: Examining Complex Outreach Programs Using Multi-Attribute Utility Theory; Corey D Smith presentation on: Informing the Effectiveness of Regional Partnership Programs Through Social Network Analysis ...

Applying MAUT and SNA to a Government-Funded Outreach Program.pdf

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Using Social Network Techniques to Visualize Structured and Unstructured Activities of Latino Youth

Involvement in structured and unstructured activities has positive effects on academic achievement for Latino youth. In order for school staff to be effective in crafting intervention strategies, it is important to have a holistic picture of the culture of activities that students are involved...

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Using Social Network Analysis to Evaluate a National Leadership Network

This poster from Harder+Company Community Research presented findings and lessons from a social network analysis involving influential stakeholders participating in the US National Oral Health Alliance. The Alliance provides a platform for a diverse network of state and national leaders to forge...

Using Social Network Analysis - H+Co AEA 2013.pdf

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Using Innovative Technologies to Evaluate the "Life on Earth" Museum Exhibit

Powerpoint presentation from Eval2013 Session 595: 21st Century Technologies in Evaluation #museumevaluation #IntegratingTechnologyintoEvaluation #2013Conference #STEMEducationandTraining #QuantitativeMethods-TheoryandDesign #SocialNetworkAnalysis

Hammerman LOE AEA 2013.pptx

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Outcome Mapping, World Bank Institute's Experience

The World Bank Institute (WBI) is conducting ongoing pilots customizing outcome mapping tools with capacity development project teams. In winter 2012, several teams harvested outcomes to provide information for knowledge management. Attached are some of the case studies from the pilot, which...

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