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Process Improvement Techniques for Program Evaluation: Value Stream and Process Flow Mapping

Materials for skil-building session presented at 2013 AEA Conference in Washington DC. #bogatova #valuestream #lean #processflow #processimprovement #Instruments #miller

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Determining the Added-Value of Partnerships

This presentation outlines a framework from which to assess value-added for partnership-related activities during the various stages of a partnership, from formation to management. Partnerships are explored from two angles: the project; and, the partnership, itself. Early and consistent...

DETERMINING THE ADDED-VALUE OF PARTNERSHIPS, Vivienne J Wildes AEA conference presentation.pptx

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Eval11 Session 739: The Value of Employing Descriptive Performance Levels in the Learning Assessment of Army Commanders

A paper with power-point presentation depicting research conducted at the US Army School for Command Preparation. The purpose of the Army School for Command Preparation (SCP) - Tactical Commander Development Program is to instruct new Brigade and Battalion Commanders in leadership and tactical...

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Eval11 Session 707: Valuing Program Outcomes Relative to Program Costs to Improve Both: Alternative Forms of Cost-Inclusive Evaluation

"Value" can be understood as referring not only to what the outcomes of a good or service are likely to be, but also to how those outcomes compare to what we anticipate sacrificing to achieve those outcomes. This form of evaluation compares the worth of outcomes to the worth of resources...

Valuing and Cost-Inclusive Evaluation.pdf