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Eval11 Session 707: Valuing Program Outcomes Relative to Program Costs to Improve Both: Alternative Forms of Cost-Inclusive Evaluation 

10-29-2011 16:36

"Value" can be understood as referring not only to what the outcomes of a good or service are likely to be, but also to how those outcomes compare to what we anticipate sacrificing to achieve those outcomes. This form of evaluation compares the worth of outcomes to the worth of resources expended to produce those outcomes. Alternative means of assessing the worth of both outcomes achieved and resources consumed are described in the first part of this presentation, using a few specific evaluations of human services. The second portion of this presentation uses an additional example to illustrate an evaluation framework that includes the activities in which program participants engage, and the changes that occur in participants, as well as resources used and outcomes produced. This more comprehensive valuing process also empowers better decision-making by incorporating information from clients and community members as well as from providers and funders.

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