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Eval10 Session 213: Engaging Social Justice in a Graduate Course on Program Evaluation

The purpose of this roundtable will be to share how issues of social justice are intentionally woven into a graduate course on program evaluation theory. The substance of what is taught, as well as the pedagogy of how it is taught, will aim to expose students to social justice as it relates to evaluation practice. I will share a syllabus that incorporates readings from evaluation theorists who address social justice, as well as course assignments to engage these readings. #MultiethnicIssuesinEvaluation #cultural #2010Conference #competence #social #justice #TeachingofEvaluation


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Eval2015 Session 2790: Reciprocity in Research: Using a Social Justice Framework to Balance Evaluator and Community Needs

Working with vulnerable populations raises questions of reciprocity: as evaluators, we acquire information from communities, but what are we giving back? In this session, the presenter will demonstrate how a community consultation was structured in a way that not only collected data from...

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The evolution of a new theory? Complementary Evaluation

This paper will unpack how the evolving complementary evaluation approach used in New Zealand is responsive, builds the early childhood service's capability, and is proportional to the service's internal evaluation. It also explores how evaluation is used to promote equitable outcomes for Māori,...