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Performance Evaluation as a Distinct Hybrid Form of Research Methods

Performance evaluation should be viewed as an applied hybrid method distinct from program evaluation (defined by Peter Rossi) which combines methods from four different institutions each speaking a different policy language (Policy, Management, Programs and Accountability) as well as mixed methods. This includes two meta-data issues: Process Management ((the method of the “business process”) includes the management using participatory evaluation of a process-based chain of events leading to desired outcome(s)) and Research Metrics (a solid grounding in the “facts” about whether there is progress towards desired goals). Performance evaluation provides new ways of defining reliability and validity and the three types of performance evaluation inferences are reviewed: 1) relationships – how are two outcomes linked?

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Eval11 Session 985: Performance Evaluation on National Policies and Strategies for Child Development

The purpose of this research was to evaluate effectiveness, efficiency and result of management and performance in national policies and strategies for child development by mixed methods evaluation. The evaluation results showed that: context-provincial officers ran the operation as general work, not mission emerged from the strategies; input-the plan was standardized target groups, and its budget was adequately allocated; process-the plans were appropriate and effective, and monitoring and quality assessment were run; effectiveness-the percentage of target group children did not go down as planned; impact-the plan officers concentrated on target group children’s behavior, not skill or proficiency improvement; sustainability-the society needed planned operations and offered help and support for cooperation; transportability-the central national strategies and plans could not operated effectively, so each province was supposed to run its own plans and strategies with supports from the center

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Using Evaluability Assessment to Design an Evaluation

Using appreciative inquiry in conducting an evaluability assessment, we focused on the strengths and success of the Institutional Research and Analytics (IR & A) at Southern Illinois University. Our challenge was to assess OIR & A and design an evaluation which would inform the office on how they could improve their operations to: 1

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AEA 2016 Session 1921:Evaluating into Lean and Leaning into Evaluation: Lessons Learned from Environmental Evaluation

The panel illustrates some of the key observations gleaned through its application of program evaluation and Lean. In addition the panel illustrates the inextricable elements of program design, evaluation design, and information design are best embodied by a full integrated approach of these tools

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Using Program Evaluation to Improve Nonprofit Outcomes

Handouts to accompany the Using Program Evaluation to Improve Nonprofit Outcomes session at 2010 Summer Evaluation Institute Session Description: Funders, communities, and service recipients themselves ask that nonprofits show results and demonstrate progress towards service goals

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