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Integrating Systems Thinking through a Technology-based PMS for a Consoritum TAACCCT Grant

As a recipient of funding from the DOLETA TAACCCT Grants Program, Washburn University, the lead institution of the TRAC‐7 Consortium, compiles data from the seven industry‐specific programs and submits quarterly and annual reports as one entity. TAACCCT Grants include numerous and comprehensive...

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Focus Search - both a quantitative self-assessment of

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Eval11 Session 972: Outcomes-based performance in the South African Public Sector

The South African government has adopted an ambitious government-wide monitoring and evaluation system (GWM&ES) headed by a newly established Ministry for Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency since 2009. It is supposed to systematically monitor and evaluate the outcomes of government...

Cloete & Rabie 2011 AEA outcomes presentation.pdf

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Program Evaluation and Program Improvement: Challenges, Opportunities, and New Directions at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Slides from SI10 Keynote 1 from Janet Collins

Session Description: In 1999, with the publication of its Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health, CDC signaled its desire to increase the quality of program evaluation and use of evaluation findings for program improvement. Great strides have been made in program evaluation of public...


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Eval11 Poster 161: Performance Management as a tool for Political Prioritization in Local Government

So far, there has been little or no discussion as to how performance management influences political life in local governments. However, especially in local governments there are dilemmas. Given that a well-implemented performance management system creates clear performance indicators at a...

Performance Management in political prioritization.pdf