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Eval 2016 - AaEA Pro Bono Program

Atlanta is home to many evaluation-focused institutions, including universities, consulting firms, large non-profits, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By extension, the city draws both new and experienced evaluators. Meanwhile, Atlanta is also home to many small, mission...

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Integrating Evaluation & Learning in Foundations Amidst Organizational Changes (Eval 2015, Session 1289)

Jamie Schenker, The California Wellness Foundation Rosanna Tran, The California HealthCare Foundation Session Abstract: Executive leadership transitions, establishing and implementing new strategies, and changes in organizational structure are a part of all foundations’ lifecycles....

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Eval12 Poster 135: Knowledge Flow: A Continuous Force in Effective Evaluation

The term Knowledge Flow represents the dynamic creation and exchange of organizational knowledge across groups, levels, and knowledge forms. This study investigated six exemplary organizations that systematically incorporated knowledge flow into their evaluative decisions. The study...

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Eval12 Session 316: Planning and Conducting Internal Evaluations: Portfolio Review Guidance From CDC, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)

At the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC), scientific programs are required to conduct peer review of all science and research programs funded greater than $150,000 once every five years. Since 2005, NCIPC has conducted eight cross-cutting portfolio reviews to address...

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Eval12 Session 471: Developing Capacity Assessment Tools Relevant for All Stakeholders

This paper examines the design and implementation of the Nine Elements Assessment Tool (NEAT©), an evidence-based system for assessing nonprofit organizational capacity. The project team that designed NEAT© included three categories of stakeholders: 1) executive directors representing the...

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Eval12 Session 303: Monitoring and Evaluation Standards for Health Development Organizations - Jhpiego, JHU

These documents describe and present a tool to assess an organization's monitoring and evaluation standards. This was created for a decentralized health development organization (Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University) working in 45 countries and a diverse monitoring and evaluation...

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