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Integrating Evaluation & Learning in Foundations Amidst Organizational Changes (Eval 2015, Session 1289)

strategies, and changes in organizational...these types of changes in recent years. The...examples.Both organizations have taken these changes...change, both foundations have learned

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Focus Search -  learning – Change to approach 21 The California

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Eval11 Session 867: Knowledge Creation in Healthcare Organizations as a Result of Individual's Participation in the Executive Training in the Use of Evidence Informed Decision Making

Evaluations of attemps to improve the use of evidence informed decision making in healthcare organizations have focused on impact on individual skills and knowledge and failed to grasp how learning processes occur in the organizations. We conducted a research project on the organizational impact...

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Focus Search - evaluation, governance and change management

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Conference PDW #24: Evaluating Organizational Collaboration

“Collaboration” is a ubiquitous, yet misunderstood, under-empiricized and un-operationalized construct. Program and organizational stakeholders looking to do and be collaborative struggle to identify, practice and evaluate collaboration with efficacy. This workshop will demonstrate how the...

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Focus Search - will change any or all of its components