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Health Care That Works for All Americans (Full Report)

This is the final report of the Citizens' Healthcare Working Group (CHWG) to the President and Congress, sent on September 29, 2006. The Working Group, an independent commission of 15 members representing all aspects of the nation's health care systems and its users, was tasked with facilitating...

Health Care that Works for All Americans1.pdf

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Community-Based Health Supports for Fishing Families: Innovative Design in Uncharted Waters. Ignite presentation from Eval16

This Ignite talk shares an example of the integration of program design and evaluation by a non-profit to reach an underserved population of fishing families in New England. The design of evaluation tools and integration of data into practice is also innovative and challenging, with implications...

biesecker AEA Ignite 2016 with narrative in notes.pptx

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Eval11 Session 956: Valuing Stakeholders and Integrating Multi-Method Findings in Public Health Evaluations

This roundtable presentation provides an example of a recent mixed-methods community needs assessment that was conducted in order to identify the current resources and barriers to sexual and reproductive health services for young women. This assessment included various stakeholders such as...

Valuing Stakeholders and Integrating Multi-Method Findings in Public Health Evaluations.pdf

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Eval11 Session 618: Evaluating Behavioral Health Collaboratives: Finding the Value in Process Measures as Well as Outcomes

These presentations offered comprehensive yet practical techniques to anyone who is currently engaged in or about to be engaged in evaluating a collaborative of non-profit service providers that are trying to expand access to behavioral healthcare services across a network. The presentations...


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Evaluation Critique on the VHA's mental health care program

This is critique on the program evaluation for VHS's mental health care program.Discussion: This work was designed to assess whether VA program helps veteran restore themselvesphysically & mentally and improve their lives. This was seemingly suitable to the program sincethe goal of evaluation...

evaluation critique_final-AMA_.pdf