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Eval12 Session 303: Monitoring and Evaluation Standards for Health Development Organizations - Jhpiego, JHU

These documents describe and present a tool to assess an organization's monitoring and evaluation standards. This was created for a decentralized health development organization (Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University) working in 45 countries and a diverse monitoring and evaluation staff to provide organizational expectations for M&E

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Focus Search - ) >> /Namespace [ (Adobe) (Common) (1.0) ] /OtherNamespaces [ > > /FormElements false /GenerateStructure false /IncludeBookmarks false /IncludeHyperlinks false /IncludeInteractive false /IncludeLayers false /IncludeProfiles false /MultimediaHandling /UseObjectSettings /Namespace [ (Adobe) (CreativeSuite) (2.0) ] /PDFXOutputIntentProfileSelector /DocumentCMYK /PreserveEditing true /UntaggedCMYKHandling /LeaveUntagged /UntaggedRGBHandling /UseDocumentProfile /UseDocumentBleed false >> ] >> setdistillerparams > setpagedeviceImplementing Standards to Improve Health Development Organizations’ Monitoring and Evaluation Practices American Evaluation Association, Minneapolis, 2012 Linda Fogarty (; 410-537-1873) Eva Bazant (; 410-537-1993) Jhpiego, 1615 Thames Street, Baltimore MD, 21231 Implementing M&E Standards Fogarty and Bazant, AEA, 2012 1 Why do we need M&E standards now?

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Monitoring and evaluation of scale up within health systems

Presentation and related publications on scaling up a reproductive health innovation, using a systems oriented approach, based on a 5 year prospective study in five countries. #scaleupME #evaluationofcomplexsystems #healthinnovations

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Focus Search - A database was designed in Microsoft Access to facilitate the collection of data to monitor progress toward achieving the benchmarks

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Eval12 Poster 38: Capacity Building: What works for you?

In this session, one presentation illustrates the development of a collaborative partnership between CDC and grantees. The evaluation of performance improvement capacity building will be discussed in a second presentation, and a third presentation will discuss the development of a network in building evaluation capacity

AEAFinal CBA POSTER2012.pdf

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Eval11 Session 232: Women Veteran Health Program Evaluation - Purpose and Methodology

Deeanna Burleson RN, BSN, MSN is the project manager for the development and implementation of the site assessment methodology...Each capability was scored on a four point scale; highly developed, developed, being developed and needs development

Final AEA Conference Slides.pptx

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Eval12 Session 688: Comprehensive Perspectives for State Partnerships (all presentations represented)

Evaluation can bolster partnership efforts by identifying needs of coalitions at different stages of development and increasing transparency to stakeholders...New Mexico’s relatively new coalition is using evaluation to advance development of its leadership structure

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Focus Search - S Formative Evaluation Plan: Created Evaluation Plan using a process evaluation approach to guide the development of a Council structure and procedures