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Three Keys to Fusing STEAM Education: Digital Multimedia, Design Tools, and Computer-based Adaptive Multimedia

Paper from the presentation about "Three Keys to Fusing STEAM Education: Digital Multimedia, Design Tools, and Computer-based Adaptive Multimedia" by Daniel Tillman, Song An, Meilan Zhang, and Rachel Boren. #designtools #digitalmultimedia #computerbasedadaptiveevaluation ...

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Moving Beyond Learning: The Evaluative Organization Imperative

Introduction to the evaluative organization concept and the differences between a learning organization and an evaluative organization. Presented by Dr. Wes Martz in Session 530. Paper available on request. #2009Conference #Evaluation2009 #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding ...


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Eval11 Session 776: Evaluation Follow-Up: Challenges and Lessons

PowerPoint slides for AEA 2011 Think Tank session on evaluation follow-up from presenters Osvaldo Feinstein, Bidjan Nashat, Mike Hendricks. Session abstract: "This Think Tank will examine key challenges and lessons for international, humanitarian and development, organizations in evaluation...

AEA Evaluation Follow-up Think Tank - 2011.ppt

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Flipchart Pages from Exploring Effective Strategies for Facilitating Evaluation Capacity Building

This document includes notes from the flipchart pages developed by attendees during this session and provides a rich list of criteria for successful use of six different strategies for building evaluation capacity. #capacity #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding #HowTo ...

Flipchart Notes from Round Robin Activity 111209.doc

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Eval10 Session 283: Using the Cynefin Framework in Evaluation Planning: A Case Example

This paper provides a case study of the use of the Cynefin framework in evaluation planning. The Cynefin framework is a systems thinking tool that can be used to describe evaluation situations. The framework describes four types of dynamics and corresponding types of inquiry. The paper...

Cynefin Case Example aea2010.pdf

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Session 561 - The Adolescent Family Life Care Demonstration Project: How Context Matters When Evaluating Programs for Adolescent Parents and their Children

#2009Conference #SpecialNeedsPopulations #adolescent-parenting-programs #evaluation-settings #HumanServicesEvaluation #Evaluation2009 #context

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Focus Search - Case managers administer measures to intervention group Assessments take place every 6 months Quarterly outcome tracking Sample of interviews Scaled Measures for: Depression Anxiety Family & social support Relational health Parenting attitudes Clients enroll during prenatal stage Evaluation recruitment via case manager Medical home & Case Manager engagement boosts retention & longevity Comparison group tracking via clinic contact information Monthly evaluation meetings with Tandem staff at clinic piggy-back weekly staffing Detailed knowledge about dosage and medical services provided to each client Ethical concerns with randomization Slow start due to limited evaluation capacity, competing priorities in clinic Delayed baseline – medical priorities, rapport building & time constraints in clinic slow evaluation enrollment Potential bias associated with Case Managers collecting data Complexity of service (client-centered approach un-uniform) Evaluation a foreign concept for young, non-English speaking clients Clinic’s pro-adolescent environment contaminates Comp

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Developing and Using Evaluation Checklists to Improve Evaluation Practice

Overview of developing and validating evaluation checklists presented by Wes Martz, Nadini Persaud, and Daniela Schroeter. Session 423 GS&NE business meeting presentation. #GraduateStudentandNewEvaluators #EvaluationUse #validatingchecklists #checklists #Evaluation2009 ...

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