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CBW036: Evaluating Data Visualizations - Steve Fleming

systematically evaluates how its data visualizations...Handouts for this Coffee Break Webinar...National Center for Educational Achievement...key components of data visualization best

AEA data viz 2011-01-101.pptx

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Coffee Break Demonstration - Leslie Goodyear on Using Many Eyes for Data Visualization

visualize your evaluation data? The ManyEyes...Webinar Description: Looking for ways visualization website may be just the...tool for you! Leslie Goodyear is a Program

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Eval13 Session 459: How to Create Infographics to “Tell” Evaluation Stories

“Telling” evaluation stories visually...infographics and data visualizations that we...and Data Visualization taught by Alberto...membership of the American Evaluation Association

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Focus Search - infographic or visualization strives for

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Data Security Survival Skills for 21st Century Evaluators

Handouts for AEA 2013 Skillbulding

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Focus Search - 2013 Prepared for: American Evaluation