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Coffee Break Demonstration - Leslie Goodyear on Using Many Eyes for Data Visualization

Webinar Description: Looking for ways to visualize your evaluation data? The ManyEyes data visualization website may be just the tool for you!

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Eval11 Poster 55: Visualizing Significance

Which criteria should be used to select higher performing schools? The assessment of statistical significance helps researchers summarize the evidence against a null hypothesis. However, it is not always a simple task to discern the true meaning or value of the results of null hypothesis...

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Focus Search - Which criteria should be used to select higher-performing schools to study the practices that lead to better performance 3 Conclusion Visualizing data helps understand the consequences of different criteria for selecting higher performing schools

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Eval11 Session 253: Data and Information Visualization Throughout the Evaluation Life Cycle

In this session presenters will share approaches and examples of how to incorporate innovative data and information visualization techniques throughout each stage of the evaluation life cycle to support participatory evaluation and build evaluation capacity

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Eval13 Session 459: How to Create Infographics to “Tell” Evaluation Stories

“Telling” evaluation stories visually can be a powerful way of communicating findings with stakeholders

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Focus Search - There are lots of other possible combinations for Cohort 2 and 3

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Eval10 Session 755: Data Dashboard Design for Quality Monitoring and Decision Making

This demonstration will provide: 1) a historical overview of the evolution of the dashboard; 2) strengths and limitations of the dashboard as a communication, monitoring, and self-evaluation tool; 3) key dashboard and metric design principles and practices; and 4) real-world examples of dashboards using different software packages. Participants will leave the demonstration with a clear understanding of appropriate dashboard applications, how this technology tool can be used to tap into the tremendous power of visual perception to communicate, and vetted resources for putting dashboards to work for their stakeholders

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Focus Search - It depends. For a strategic planning application a periodic snap shot meets our objective of monitoring and informing high level decisions