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Eval13 Session 459: How to Create Infographics to “Tell” Evaluation Stories 

10-24-2013 16:31

“Telling” evaluation stories visually can be a powerful way of communicating findings with stakeholders. These slides, from AEA 2013, show how the three presenters (Ginger Fitzhugh, Tania Jarosewich and David Fetterman) used several widely available software programs (including Excel, Visual.ly, and infogr.am) to create infographics summarizing bite-size amounts of data in a compelling visual manner. We also explained some of the principles behind the design of infographics and data visualizations that we learned through our participation in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Infographics and Data Visualization taught by Alberto Cairo and sponsored by the Knight Foundation. There are four files: 1. David introduces the session 2. Tania explains how she conceptualized and created an infographic about the membership of the American Evaluation Association 3. Ginger explains how she created an infographic presenting survey response rates in a longitudinal study 4. David shows examples of free tools you can use to create infographics online

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