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Using the Quality Implementation Tool as a Framework for Process Evaluation: Going Beyond Fidelity

Slides for Using the Quality Implementation Tool as a Framework for Process Evaluation: Going Beyond Fidelity talk in Session: Quality Implementation and Evaluation of Evidence-based Interventions #QualityImplementationTool #ImplementationScience #GettingToOutcomes

final AEA QIT for Process Eval 10-15-13.pdf

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Eval12 Session 571: Image Grouping Demonstration - A New Pictorial, Participatory Method for Data Collection

Demonstration presentation of Image Grouping technique by Becky Stewart of the Improve Group. Presentation Abstract: This presentation will draw from the Improve Group’s experience developing an evaluation and reporting strategy for a family foundation in Minnesota. The presenter, who managed...

Image Grouping Stewart 10-26-12.pdf

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Eval12 Session 500: Assessing Impact While Empowering Internal Learning

AEA 2012 conference, presentation 500 titled "Assessing Impact While Empowering Internal Learning" Powerpoint and handouts. Sponsored by the Collaborative, Participatory and Empowerment Evaluation TIG Anna Kiel Martin and Katrina Mitchell, Independent Consultants Presentation Abstract: The...

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Eval11 Session 372: Technology and Classroom Observation: Bringing the International Society for Technology in Education's (ISTE) Classroom Observation Tool (ICOT) Up to Date

The ISTE Classroom Observation tool (ICOT) for several years has provided a convenient platform for conducting evaluation observations in technology-using schools. However, the application has aged quickly. With the loss of funding for programming an upgrade, evaluators moved the protocol into a...

ICOT PP aea11.pptx

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Eval10 Session 217: Assessing Evaluation Capacity - Using the Evaluation Capacity Diagnostic Tool

Presenter(s): Lande Ajose, BTW Informing Change, Kristi Kimball, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Abstract: This workshop will help evaluators determine a nonprofit’s readiness for evaluation. After presenting several stories of working...

BTW Evaluation Capacity Diagnostic Tool1.pdf