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Eval11 Poster 5: The Winston Salem-Forsyth County (NC) Schools/University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Teacher Residency Program Evaluation

The Project ENRICH (Educational Network for Renewal, Innovation, Collaboration and Help) is a partnership between UNCG and Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools for the 'purpose of simultaneous improvement of teacher education and PK-12 education.' The Teacher Residency Program is a key partnership component

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Eval11 Poster 52: Evaluating the Re-visioning of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Teacher Education Undergraduate Programs through a Teacher Quality Partnership Grant (TQP)

The SERVE Center entered into an agreement with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) School of Education, to serve as the external evaluator for the Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) ENRICH Project, a multi-year, multifaceted project

ENRICH Revisioning Poster Handouts.pdf

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Peer-teacher science instructional coaching in K-6 rural schools

Guided by the premises of grounded theory these analyses provide three main emerging themes related to instructional coaching dynamics: 1) motive for teachers partnership (coach-coached relation); 2) definition of coach-coached roles; and 3) coaching styles

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Eval13: Panel Session 89 - Using a Program-Theory Model to Create a Curriculum Rubric, Assess Leadership and Inform a Theory of Change

This panel looks at how a program-theory model has been developed and used in an evaluation of an initiative designed to transform schools by assisting high schools in the development of 12th-grade capstone courses in math and science. We highlight the program model from which we have designed a...

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Eval12 Poster 185: But Does It Work? A Review of Teacher Professional Development on Formative Assessment

Poster 185 from AEA 2012: a literature review of how the concept of formative assessment has been defined, used, and evaluated through K-12 teacher professional development. A full list of references is included in a separate file. #Prek-12EducationalEvaluation #formativeassessment ...

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