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CBD002: Webinar Recording: Amy Germuth on Using the Fantastic Five Checklist to Write Better Survey Questions and Improve Survey Reliability

development. #Survey #WebinarSeries

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Focus Search - development: Theory and applications, 2nd edition

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Writing Questions that Elicit What You’re Looking For Slides and Handout from SI10

question development pitfalls. Angelika Pohl

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Focus Search - Development Considerations, Hints, and Rules Dr

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2012 Summer Institute Session Offering 9: Improving Survey Quality: Assessing and Increasing Survey Reliability

Develop higher-quality surveys! This workshop is designed to teach participants how to improve survey reliability, thus increasing their utility of and confidence in the data they collect. We will look at surveys to elicit factual information as well as ones that ask about subjective and...

Improving Survey Quality -20124.ppt

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Menu from AEA Member Scan Qualitative Analysis Presentation

A menu accompanied the Evaluation 2008 Demonstration session entitled Our Lives in Evaluation: AEA Members' Descriptions of Their Evaluation Work. It lists the AEA values and the presenters' interpretations of them as they related to the open-ended responses under discussion, along with lists of...


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Program Evaluation Tipsheet 26: A Ranking Question for Needs Assessment

Citation: Kiernan, Nancy Ellen (2001). A Ranking Question for a Needs Assessment: Tipsheet #26, University Park, PA: Penn State Cooperative Extension.This document is part of a series of Tipsheets that contain practical evaluation illustrations based on current research and developed by Nancy...

Tipsheet 26.pdf