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CBD002: Webinar Recording: Amy Germuth on Using the Fantastic Five Checklist to Write Better Survey Questions and Improve Survey Reliability

Appropriate for the beginner, this presentation will help you get the most from your surveys and also presents content that is appropriate as a teaching tool or for use with stakeholders during collaborative instrument development

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Focus Search - Scale development: Theory and applications, 2nd edition

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Improving Survey Quality: Assessing and Increasing Survey Reliability and Validity Slides from SI10

As part of Compass she has evaluated numerous initiatives, including health prevention and outreach programs, Math Science Partnerships, K-12 science outreach programs, and workforce development initiatives, and has worked with a variety of organizations including the US Education Department, Department of Health and Human Services, Westat, Georgia Tech., Virginia Tech., University of North Carolina, the New York State Education Department, multiple NC Childhood Education Partnerships, and Hawaii’s Kamehameha Schools

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Writing Questions that Elicit What You’re Looking For Slides and Handout from SI10

We will explore: when to use open- versus close-ended questions, including issues of feasibility of analysis; the range of question types, such as yes/no, multiple choice, scales, ranking, short answer, and factors that influence selection; question ordering and its impact on response; and careful wording to avoid common question development pitfalls

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Focus Search - Angelika Pohl No item response theory; no statistics for determining a score; it’s not about assessing abstract concepts like depression or self-efficacy (assumed to be uni-dimensional); not about large-scale achievement testing Workshop Plan Multiple-Choice Questions Take Quiz & Discussion  Mixed-Method Survey Sample Survey & Discussion Survey Development Considerations, Hints, and Rules Dr

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2012 Summer Institute Session Offering 9: Improving Survey Quality: Assessing and Increasing Survey Reliability

Develop higher-quality surveys! This workshop is designed to teach participants how to improve survey reliability, thus increasing their utility of and confidence in the data they collect. We will look at surveys to elicit factual information as well as ones that ask about subjective and...

Improving Survey Quality -20124.ppt

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Menu from AEA Member Scan Qualitative Analysis Presentation

A menu accompanied the Evaluation 2008 Demonstration session entitled Our Lives in Evaluation: AEA Members' Descriptions of Their Evaluation Work. It lists the AEA values and the presenters' interpretations of them as they related to the open-ended responses under discussion, along with lists of...


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Validated Student, Teacher, and Principal Survey Instruments for STEM Education Programs

This paper discusses three survey instruments that can be used to measure outcomes of STEM education programs, including: student attitudes toward STEM and interest in STEM careers; teacher efficacy and beliefs for teaching STEM and use of STEM instructional practices; and principal leadership...