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From Effective to Supportive ------ Accountability Reconsidered

With effectiveness at the heart, the accountability we are talking about and pursuing in education seems to be constantly in conflict with learning.To solve this problem, reconsideration in the conceptualizaiong of accountablility is needed. In an effectiveness oriented accountability system,...

AEA 2013 Ruofei G.jcg.pdf

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The Systems-Highlights-Patterns (SHP) Framework: A New Framework for the Evaluation of Complex Projects

This PowerPoint outlines the Systems-Highlights-Patterns (SHP) Framework, a new framework designed for the evaluation of complex projects. The SHP Framework is a three-step iterative process that is based on a developmental evaluation approach and borrows from practices in systems thinking and...

The SHP framework 2013_10_14.pptx

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What do different methods say about grant performance?

Session Title: Proper Use of Evaluation to Impact Funders and Society Abstract; The Office of Auditor the General Norway published a performance audit on the effects of public grants aimed at ensuring biodiversity and enhancing outdoor recreational activity in June 2013. The audit examines...

Hilde Solli different methods on grant performance.pdf

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Eval11 Session 844: Maximizing the Impact of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through Data-Driven Decisin Making

MISO (Maximizing the Impact of STEM Outreach through Data-driven Decision-Making) is a campus-wide project funded by the National Science Foundation, housed at North Carolina State University, a land-grant university. This project seeks to determine the collective STEM (Science, Technology,...

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Opening comments for Session 708, on "Horizontal Evaluation"

Comments presented at the beginning of Session 708, on "Horizontal Evaluation" (Thiele, et. al., 2008). After this introduction, each Student Awardee outlined her / his proposal for evaluating impacts of the Papa Andina program. #708 #Evaluation2009 #InternationalandCross-CulturalEval ...

Horton-Opening Comments, Session 708.doc

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What Drives Evaluation Practice: The CGIAR Experience

PowerPoint presentation on the history of evaluation practice in the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), presented at Evaluation 2009, Session 847 #2009Conference #Evaluation2009 #EvaluationUse #Session #InternationalandCross-CulturalEval #847

History of evaln in CGIAR-AEA-11-14-09.ppt

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Slide Show: Andean Native Potatoes and the People Who Produce Them

I prepared this slide show to present at the AEA Student Travel Award Session at Evaluation 2009, since the awardees had developed evaluation proposals related to a development program working with Andean potato farmers. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the presentation with me to the session!...

Horton Student Award Presentation.ppt

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Session 847 Evolution of Evaluation in INGOs

Case study of the strategies that led to the strengthening of Design, Monitoring and Evaluation in CARE during 12 years Jim Rugh headed that work, plus brief annexes from CRS, Save and American Red Cross. #evaluation #in #2009Conference #Session #Evaluation2009 #847 ...

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