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Hot Tips for Rubric Design

The more simply a rubric captures complex ideas, the more deep thinking and careful design lies underneath. In this presentation, Jane shared some of the lesser-known tips for designing rubrics that are conceptually and methodologically sound, as well as great data visualization ideas for...

2016-10 AEA Hot Tips for Rubric Design.pdf

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Eval13: The Value of Rubrics in Messy Non-Profit Evaluation Contexts

Examples of real world use of different kinds of evaluation rubrics in non-profit contexts. #2013Conference #use #Rubrics #EvaluationUse #nonprofit

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Eval13: Panel Session 444 - Evaluation Rubrics: What, Why, and How

Presentation at AEA 2013 conference as part of the panel titled: "Evaluation rubrics: What, why, and how" with Jane Davidson, Monica Pinto and Michael Scriven. The panel was designed to help participants understand what evaluation rubrics methodology is, why it is so important, and some tips for...

AEA'13 - Apres Thomaz 2013-10-18.pdf

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Eval11 Session 910: The Development and Validation of Rubrics for Measuring Evaluation Plan, Logic Model, and Pathway Model Quality

AEA 2011 presentation on the development of rubrics using a systems perspective to encourage high-quality evaluation through identifying high quality evaluation plans. Initially developed as a feedback tool during ECB, the rubrics have undergone revisions and inter-rater reliability testing. ...


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Eval10 Session 738: Using Rubrics Methodology in Impact Evaluations of Complex Social Programs: The Case of the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation’s Early Childhood Development Program

Multipaper Session 738: Impact Evaluation and Beyond: Methodological and Cultural Considerations in Measuring What Works ABSTRACT: Rubrics are important tools to describe evaluatively how well an evaluand is doing in terms of performance or quality related to specific dimensions, components...

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