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Hot Tips for Rubric Design

The more simply a rubric captures complex ideas, the more deep thinking and careful design lies underneath. In this presentation, Jane shared some of the lesser-known tips for designing rubrics that are conceptually and methodologically sound, as well as great data visualization ideas for...

2016-10 AEA Hot Tips for Rubric Design.pdf

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Eval11 Session 910: The Development and Validation of Rubrics for Measuring Evaluation Plan, Logic Model, and Pathway Model Quality

AEA 2011 presentation on the development of rubrics using a systems perspective to encourage high-quality evaluation through identifying high quality evaluation plans. Initially developed as a feedback tool during ECB, the rubrics have undergone revisions and inter-rater reliability testing. ...


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Eval10 Session 738: Using Rubrics Methodology in Impact Evaluations of Complex Social Programs: The Case of the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation’s Early Childhood Development Program

Multipaper Session 738: Impact Evaluation and Beyond: Methodological and Cultural Considerations in Measuring What Works ABSTRACT: Rubrics are important tools to describe evaluatively how well an evaluand is doing in terms of performance or quality related to specific dimensions, components...

TChianca AEA'10 FMCSV PDI 2010-11-05.pdf