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Eval11 Session 739: Problems with Multi-purpose Postsecondary Course Evaluations

AEA 2011 Presentation In order for course evaluations in postsecondary education to be appropriately valued, the process and instruments need to support effectively different evaluation goals. In this paper we present a case study of how summative and formative uses of course evaluation data are affected by a one-size-fits-all approach, and suggest an alternative approach


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Eval12 Session 642: Evaluation of the TPSID Effort Nationally

Evaluating what works and does not work is a key component of each grant; in addition, a National Coordinating Center has been tasked with both providing technical assistance to individual TPSID grantees and completing a national evaluation of the program

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Eval12 Session 199: Evaluation of an Inclusive Postsecondary Program for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Individual presentation from AEA Conference 2012 Panel Session #199: Evaluating Programs Targeted for Populations with Disabilities Title: Applying a Standards-Based Conceptual Framework to the Evaluation of an Inclusive Postsecondary Education Program for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities - description of the use of the Think College Standards to evaluate the ACE-IT in College program (Academic and Career Exploration: Individualized Techniques) at Virginia Commonwealth University