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AEA13 Demonstration Session 494: Do Our Measures Measure Up? The Critical Role of Measurement Invariance

This is the resource packet for the Measurement Invariance Demonstration Session presented at the 2013 annual conference: Do our measures measure up? The critical role of measurement invariance.Presented for the Quantitative Methods TIG by Silvana Bialosiewicz and Kelly Murphy. ...

AEA 13 measurement invariance resource packet.pdf

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Eval12 Session 109: "It Changed My Life" - Measuring Results of International Youth Leadership Interventions

Slides from presentation at Eval 2012 by Gene Roehlkepartain of the Search Institute, Ned Lazarus of George Mason University, and Lisa Inks of IREX. Youth interventions often seek to increase young people’s positive community engagement and strengthen fundamental life skills, including...

Measuring Results International Youth Leadership Interventions.pdf