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Making the Most of a Logic Model

This deck shows three methods to increase the value of logic models to clients. First, Model Heat Mapping will demonstrate logic models being used to tie a funder’s financial support to model components. Second, Cohort Logic Modeling will illustrate how logic models can be used across a funding...

AEA Logic Model Presentation 102916 FINAL CLEAN.pptx

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What is a System Story? How Do I Create One? How Do I Use One?

Evaluators often work in complex situations that are hard to describe. Traditional logic models have been the primary tools for wrapping our heads around program theory and context. However, in complex situations, these logic models quickly become so overcrowded with boxes and arrows that it is...

System Story AEA presentation.pptx

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DVRTIG Logic Model!

The DVRTIG Logic Model was developed by DVRTIG leadership coming out of the Evaluation13 DVRTIG business meeting. The logic model reflects the ideas and ambitions suggested by TIG members at the business meeting. There are more activities than we can hope to achieve, but this is our record of...


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Measuring Inspiration: Planning for NASA Education's Performance Measurment and Evaluation

Authors: Dr. Patricia Moore Shaffer, Evaluation Manager- Office of Education Infrastructure Division-National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Dr. Vivian W. Whitney, Senior Director Program Evaluation - Ohio Aerospace Institute,;...


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Evaluating a Tribal In-Home Asthma Assessment Project

This is a poster for Evaluation 2013. The poster includes a logic model, evaluation questions, methods, and results from an in-home asthma assessment project in a tribal community. The evalution focused on challenges with implementing a best practice. #logicmodel #asthma #CDC


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Eval12 Session 339: Reconstruction of Program Logic Models as an Essential Component of Program Evaluation

In the real world logic of programs under evaluation is not always clear and consistent. According to my experience, three most common flaws in program logic are: (1) use of indicators instead of goals and objectives (the goals are “too SMART”), (2) lack of program/project goals, and (3) lack of...

Reconstruction of Program Logic Kuzmin for upload.pptx

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Eval11 Session 904: Building a "Super" Logic Model

PowerPoint presentation from Session 904 - Building a "Super" Logic Model: Development of a System of Tiered Logic Models to Identify Key Outcomes in a Large Nonprofit Organization #LogicModels #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation #2011Conference

Connors, Challender, Schlose - AEA 2011.pptx