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Eval12 Session 339: Reconstruction of Program Logic Models as an Essential Component of Program Evaluation 

10-22-2012 12:14

In the real world logic of programs under evaluation is not always clear and consistent. According to my experience, three most common flaws in program logic are: (1) use of indicators instead of goals and objectives (the goals are “too SMART”), (2) lack of program/project goals, and (3) lack of logical harmonization between programs and projects. Reconstruction of program logic is development of a comprehensive chain of reasoning that links investments into a program with the program results by piecing together bits of evidence collected in the course of program evaluation. In this presentation I will provide examples of typical flaws in program logic, suggest how to fix them in the course of evaluation, and argue that reconstruction of program logic should be an essential part of most evaluations and one of evaluators’ competencies.

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