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What is AEA Doing to Support the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020?

This session, presented by AEA's representative to IOCE and EvalPartners (Mike Hendricks), AEA's president for 2017 (Kathryn Newcomer), and AEA's Executive Director (Denise Roosendaal), describes the 13 actions AEA is taking to support the brand-new Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020. #IWG ...


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Eval12 Session 963: Developing Internationally Engaged Scientists and Engineers: A Multi-faceted Evaluation to Inform Programmatic Decisions

The evaluation used propensity score matching to compare funded IRFP applicants to a matched comparison group of unfunded IRFP applicants. In addition, data from IRFP fellows were benchmarked to a secondary comparison group of science and engineering doctoral respondents to the Survey of Doctoral Recipients (SDR)

AEA Govt NSF International Fellowships_uploaded.pdf

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A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach to Impact Evaluations of International Development Interventions: The Case of Heifer International in 20 Countries, 2005-2009

The Center developed the Heifer Impact Model for evaluating three levels of impact (family/community, beyond the community and individual/group values) based on six value groups: meeting basic needs; livestock care and management; environmental care and management; education for a just/sustainable world; empowerment of family and community; and systems and policy improvements

Chianca - Heifer Impact Eval.pdf

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Eval11 Poster 103: Evaluating health communication materials with on-the-move audiences

Efforts to assess the effectiveness of T-HANs have ranged from formative evaluation through focus groups with international travelers and physicians who might see patients with recent international travel history to outcome research through a cross-sectional survey of travelers arriving from Haiti during the cholera outbreak

227860_McWhorter_AEA poster_Final.pdf

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Eval2013: A Rapid Ethnographic Assessment of High School Dropout in a South African Township

This entry contains slides from Holly Karakos's presentation at the 2013 AEA Meeting. The presentation highlights a rapid ethnographic assessment conducted in a community in Cape Town, South Africa to consider the issue of high school drop out. The presentation highlights the approach to the...

Karakos Presentation.pptx