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More Than Just a Needs Assessment

It's subtle, but can you see the difference between these two evaluation questions? "What are the top needs of our stakeholders?" and "What are the best opportunities for our program?" The first calls for a traditional needs assessment. The second is what I call a "Needs Assessment Plus," which...

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Eval13 Session 459: How to Create Infographics to “Tell” Evaluation Stories

“Telling” evaluation stories visually can be a powerful way of communicating findings with stakeholders. These slides, from AEA 2013, show how the three presenters (Ginger Fitzhugh, Tania Jarosewich and David Fetterman) used several widely available software programs (including Excel,,...

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Eval13 Session 459: Survey Says? How to Visualize Survey Response Rates

This presentation was part of Demonstration Session 459, "How to Create Infographics to 'Tell' Evaluation Stories." I walk through the process I used to conceptualize and create an infographic using Excel to present survey response rates in a longitudinal study. To see all of the...

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