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A Critical Review of Evidence-Based Repositories in Behavioral Health

These slides are the final PowerPoint slides from this presentation. The presentation presents results from a National Institute of Health funded study titled “A Critical Review of Evidence-Based Program Repositories in Behavioral Health”. The purpose of the study was to better understand best...

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Eval13 Session 457: "They Just Know": Tensions and Negotiations in the Politics of Evidence-Based Programs

Especially during the last decade, evidence-based programs (EBPs) have become increasingly important in evaluation and related fields, fomenting much debate. Yet many debates are focused either on technical issues around implementation fidelity, or on philosophical critiques of EBPs and the...

Archibald_AEA 2013_They Just Know.pdf

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Eval11 Session 867: Knowledge Creation in Healthcare Organizations as a Result of Individual's Participation in the Executive Training in the Use of Evidence Informed Decision Making

Evaluations of attemps to improve the use of evidence informed decision making in healthcare organizations have focused on impact on individual skills and knowledge and failed to grasp how learning processes occur in the organizations. We conducted a research project on the organizational impact...

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Eval11 Session 783: Beyond Fidelity II: Assessing the context of implementation

The focus of this AEA 2011 think tank is on re-conceptualizing the current approach to evaluating the implementation of “evidence-based practices” (EBPs). In most cases, implementation evaluations focus on the extent to which EBPs are implemented with fidelity to their original models. However,...

Beyond Fidelity II.pdf

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Eval10 Session 312: The Cycle of Evidence-Based Policy and Practice: Synthesis, Translation, and Evaluation Capacity Building

The panel addresses the major components in the cycle of developing evidence-based policy and practice. The synthesis method, the core methodology to aggregate findings for evidence-based practice reviews, is defined and various types of syntheses will be compared. Using results from synthesis...

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