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Eval11 Session 783: Beyond Fidelity II: Assessing the context of implementation 

11-01-2011 10:12

The focus of this AEA 2011 think tank is on re-conceptualizing the current approach to evaluating the implementation of “evidence-based practices” (EBPs). In most cases, implementation evaluations focus on the extent to which EBPs are implemented with fidelity to their original models. However, because EBPs are implemented in a wide variety of organizational, political and cultural contexts, evaluations of EBPs that maintain an exclusive focus on fidelity miss important contextual factors that may impact both the fidelity and effectiveness of interventions. As such, there is a need to develop broader frameworks that capture the factors that influence the success or failure of implementation. Preliminary work from a similar AEA 2010 think tank will serve as a starting point for the session. Participants will work in teams to develop maps of contextual domains and develop methods for conducting rapid assessments of these domains in order to forecast their impact on implementation.

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