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CBD142: Synthesise Data from One or More Evaluations – Patricia Rogers

Video Available This webinar, part 6 in an 8-part series on the BetterEvaluation rainbow framework, focuses on combining data from one evaluation or from many evaluations to make overall evaluative judgments – including different approaches to systematic review of existing literature. The...

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CBD139: Frame the Boundaries of the Evaluation – Patricia Rogers

Video Available This webinar, part 3 in an 8-part series on the BetterEvaluation rainbow framework, focuses on tasks to frame the evaluation – deciding the purpose(s) of the evaluation, the key evaluation questions, and determining what success looks like for the intervention. The webinar...

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AEA 2016 Session 1921:Evaluating into Lean and Leaning into Evaluation: Lessons Learned from Environmental Evaluation

The panel illustrates some of the key observations gleaned through its application of program evaluation and Lean. In addition the panel illustrates the inextricable elements of program design, evaluation design, and information design are best embodied by a full integrated approach of these...

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Eval11 Session 205: Evaluation of the Evaluation of the Paris Declaration on International Aid

The Paris Declaration adopted principles for improving international aid. An evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of the Paris Declaration was commissioned. The AEA eLibrary contains a presentation on that evaluation. This entry concerns the Evaluation of the Evaluation (meta...

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Focus Search - need for an international synthesis. * MQP

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Eval11 Session 817: How Practitioners and Researchers Can Use Models to Build and Sustain Evaluation Capacity

Presentations made by Steffen Bohni & Sebastian Lemire; Tina Taylor-Ritzler; Jean King on models and instruments to measure and build evaluation capacity #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding #Modelsofandinstrumentstomeasureevaluationcapacity #2011Conference

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Focus Search - The ECAI 1. Development– synthesis of the

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The State of Developmental Evaluation in the Early 21st Century

Developmental evaluation (DE) is an early 21st century development, so it is altogether fitting that its state of development be reviewed at the AEA annual conference. DE applies systems thinking and complexity concepts to evaluation of social innovations. Evaluation in complex dynamic systems...

State of Developmental Eval AEA 2013.pdf